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The Blackout site is organized into seven major sections which may easily be navigated using the silver sidebar on each page: home, forum, archive, events, debates, methods and help.

The home section contains selections from throughout the site that provide a quick glimpse into the many facets of the blackouts and their legacy.

The forum allows blackout "survivors" and other visitors to interact with the site-this is a way to literally help make history.

The archive serves as both an on-line digital repository and as a bibliography, linking to historical materials which have been digitized and providing citations for other items which are not yet available electronically.

The events section chronologically highlights important historical developments related to the blackouts, including a timeline.

The perspectives section will host essays, features, and opinion pieces on the major issues surrounding the blackouts.

The methods section will cover the technologies and scholarly methodologies used to build the site.

The help section allows visitors to search the site and provides operating instructions for newcomers.

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