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The Blackout site is organized into seven main sections that are easily accessible from the silver sidebar lining the left side of every page. Moving between and within these sections is easy. Simply click on the name of the main section you want to go to, and the home page of that section will load with links to its sub-sections listed just below its heading in the sidebar. Clicking on links to sub-sections allows you to move back and forth among them quickly. You will notice that all pages within a given section have a similar logo banner in the top left corner; clicking on the Blackout logo will bring you up a level within the section hierarchy. (If you keep clicking on the logo, you will eventually reach the "front door" of the site.) The same hierarchy is made explicit in the title section at the top of each page, allowing you to move with ease to any point in the site hierarchy above the current page. Links to each section are repeated at the bottom of each page, without sub-section links. This redundancy is provided to make your navigation through the site more flexible and immediate.

We hope that visitors who experienced the events described in this project will use the forum to correct and add to the historical record. Those who did not experience the events in question are welcome to provide their own commentary on the site, but are asked to indicate that they are not historical witnesses.

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