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Anonymous male
11 August 1999

Interviewed by John Summers


"At the time [1977], I was working for TWA. Just got out of school. I got a job for TWA at hanger 12 here at JFK. And I was working in a–I got hired as a fleet service worker, which, they did a variety of tasks, but I happen to be cleaning a floor that day, with a mechanical scrubber-type machine. And I was working in a closed corridor: no windows, the door on each end. And I just plugged my machine into a socket, and all the lights go out in the corridor. So I said to myself, "Geez, I must’a blew a breaker." So I worked my way to the end, you know, hand over hand along with wall–this was pitch black. I get to the end of the corridor. I open the door. And the whole hanger is black. And I’m saying, "Holy Christ, I knocked the whole hanger out." And, later, you know, I came to learn that there was a huge blackout in the area. But I just thought it was kind of a cute little story. It was so coincidental. I mean, the second I plugged this thing in, the lights went out."

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