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Contributed by: Lynda Durand
Contributed on: September 27, 2008

Which blackout(s) did you experience?

In your own words, tell the story of your experience in the blackout(s). Try to recall specific events and the people, places, and things involved; also include more general reactions, images adn last impressions?
I was 16 years old, it was like any ordinary day, I was watching the 4:30 movie "Abbott & Costello Go To The Moom",while doing my homework. The TV went off, then back on, then went brown, then it all went out. It was scarey and I had no idea what was going on. It was October!! What was with that? I was also in the blackout of 1977, I was 29 and had 3 children, one an infant that I had to keep formula cold for. Not easy, but fun for the kids, they loved it. I now live in Ft Lauderdale, Florida, where in 2006 during hurricane Wilma, we were blacked out for 2 weeks. You haven't lived until you've experienced that. At least we still have our homes. Every hurricane season, we prepare for blackouts. It's a way of life.

Why did the blackouts happen, in your opinion?
In 2003, some idiot flipped the wrong switch, I don't remember the details of the others.

What is your opinion regarding the general causes of power failures (blackouts)?
OVERLOAD, turn off some of those gadgets you don't need if you're going to run the AC day and night.

Did either blackout seem significant or shocking at the time?
Both were significant

Why did you consider the blackout(s) to be significant or insignificant?
It was significant because they showed us how we take electric for granted and waste it everyday of our lives. Not having it was a lesson.

How did the blackout(s) affect you?
It was inconvenient

Did the blackout(s) have any larger meaning in your mind?

Did the blackout(s) cause any profound crisis?

How did the blackout(s) affect your daily reliance on electricity?
Became less reliant

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