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My girlfriend, Leslie, and myself were walking our English Bull terrier, Sydney, and so missed the shutdown. Lights out is regular in the near Toronto rural community so we didn't thiunk much was going on. At 8pm Leslie phoned me from the ICU at Sunnybrook to tell me...[more]

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At the time of the blackout, I was working for the RH Donnelley Corporation, on an upper floor in a building on Lexington Avenue in midtown Manhattan. I had turned 17 years old six days earlier, and this was my first full-time job.

That afternoon, only minutes...[more]

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I was 11 years old when the 65 blackout happened. I was in the living room watching TV, when the TV went out and the lights began to slowly fade to black. I thought there was something wrong with me medically- I thought I was dieing. I was home alone, as my mother and...[more]

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Ironically I had gotten home from school and had begun to finish putting together a Heathkit power inverter to run off of an old car battery when the lights started to dance and flicker and eventually went out. The overhead flourescent light in my bedroom actually...[more]

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1965 Northeast blackout a true story

At the time of the 1965 blackout there a was national convention of Electric Power companies in Philly.

My father was there as one of four representatives from PEPCO.

At the very time when the blackout started there was...[more]

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I was in my apartment with my family in the Bronx watching an episode of BARETTA when all of a sudden the tv picture disappeared into a small white...[more]

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